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Accurate Beverage 60ml Auto Packing Machine

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Qihang
Certification: CE.GMP
Model Number: TVFA1
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: wooden box
Delivery Time: 3-4WEEKS
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union

Detail Information

Other Nama: Automatic Cream & Paste Filling Machine Apply Industry: Cosmetic Filling
Usage: Liquid Paste Cream Filling Automatic Grade: Automatic
Condition: New Voltage: 220V/50HZ
Packaging Type: Bottles / Jar Application: Beverage, Chemical, Commodity, Food, Machinery,hardware,medical
Driven Type: Electric Key Selling Points: Easy To Operate
High Light:

60ml cream tube filling machine


Beverage mascara filling machine

Product Description

China Hot Sell Accurate Automatic Packaging System , Cream / Paste Auto Packing Machine


1. performance introduction


The semi-automatic piston filling machine produced by our company has been redesigned on the basis of reference to similar foreign products and some additional functions have been added. It makes the operation, precision error, load adjustment, equipment cleaning, maintenance and other aspects more simple and convenient.
On this basis, the pneumatic filling machine adopts pneumatic components to replace the electrical control circuit, so it is especially suitable for use in the environment with explosion-proof requirements.
2. Model selection



TVFA1- 6











(500-2500 ml)


(500-5000 ml)

The type of filling machine produced by the company is determined according to the maximum filling volume required by the user.

3.working principle

The working principle of the pure pneumatic semi-automatic piston filling machine is: the piston in the feed cylinder is driven to reciprocate by the forward and backward movement of the cylinder, so as to generate negative pressure in the front cavity of the feed cylinder.
When the cylinder moves forward, the piston is pulled back and negative pressure is generated in the front chamber of the cylinder. The material in the feed drum is pressed into the feed pipe by atmospheric pressure and enters into the feed pipe through the check valve of the material inlet and outlet.
As the cylinder moves backward, it pushes the piston forward, squeezing the material. The material enters the discharge hose through the discharge one-way valve and finally enters the empty bottle through the filling head (the filling head closes when feeding and opens when discharging) to complete the first filling.
The piston filling machine is a single simple mechanical action for each filling, so it has high filling accuracy and stability for each regular container.

4.Characteristics of pneumatic filling machine

1. All compressed air is used as the control, so it is especially suitable for the environment with explosion protection requirements.
High security.
2, no static electricity, hemp electricity phenomenon, also do not need to be grounded.
3. As pneumatic control and hard positioning are adopted, the filling precision is high, and the precision can be controlled within 0.5%
(Based on the maximum filling volume)

5. Inspection and operation sequence before starting up

Before starting the machine, check whether all parts of the machine are normal, so as to avoid mechanical failure or personal injury.
Check contents and operations:
1. Whether the front and rear clamping handles are clamped.
2. Whether the three-end clamp of the inlet and outlet tee is clamped.
3. Whether the cross clamp and filling head of cross bar and vertical bar are clamped.
4, through the air pressure air source, the pressure < 8㎏/c㎡, airborne pressure 4-5㎏/ C ㎡.
5. Open the air source switch and make sure that the black air pipe of the small cylinder with filling head is on the top.
(Note: It is strictly prohibited to work without materials for a long time)

6. Adjustment of filling volume

The adjustment of filling volume is determined by the user according to the volume (ml) or weight (g) of the filling material. Because the weight of the material is different, so the data of the loading counter is different. By adjusting the program-controlled switch, the filling quantity and precision can be adjusted to the user's requirement.
Specific operations are as follows:
1. Coarse adjustment: adjust the adjustment screw of the air control switch during the process, and move the position of the adjustment screw to the left and right appropriately
Adjust the adjusting screw of the return air control switch to a satisfactory position.
2. Align the filling head with the measuring cup or the filling bottle (note: the filling cylinder must be full, otherwise the filling quantity is not allowed). Please check whether the measuring cup is filled accurately or use an electronic balance to weigh the filling quantity of the filling bottle.
3. If there is any error, the handwheel shift return switch is applied to move forward, reduce load, and reverse.
4. Adjust the return program control switch repeatedly until fine-tuning to the required load and precision.

7. Adjustment of filling speed

Filling speed is determined by the following six factors:
1. The suction speed depends on the viscosity of the product and the length of the suction tube.
2. Filling speed depends on the diameter of filling head. Large caliber means fast speed.
3, the foaming degree of the product, high bubble product filling speed should be slowed down.
4, how much loading, loading more speed is slower.
5. The accuracy of filling volume. If high accuracy is required, the filling speed should be slowed down.
6, before and after the speed regulating valve adjustment control air flow rate.


Accurate Beverage 60ml Auto Packing Machine 0




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