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Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Process Configuration

June 1, 2021

Latest company news about Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Process Configuration

1. Process flow
Tap water → raw water tank → booster pump → sand filter → carbon filter → softener → security filter → primary high pressure pump → 3T/H primary reverse osmosis → intermediate storage tank → secondary high pressure pump → 2T/H secondary reverse Penetration → primary ultraviolet sterilizer → finished water storage tank → water pump → secondary ultraviolet sterilizer → microporous filter → each water point


2. Process configuration instructions
The raw water enters the raw water tank and is pumped into the sand filter by the raw water pump. The filler of the sand filter is quartz sand, which is used to remove suspended solids, colloids, rust, large particles of impurities and some sanitary substances in the water (such as bloodworms, etc.) in the water. After the filter is processed, it enters the carbon filter. The filler of the carbon filter is high-quality and high-quality fruit shell activated carbon. Its main function is to remove the organic matter in the water and the chlorine, peculiar smell, pesticides and colloids that have not been removed by the sand filter. Substances, the water after carbon filtration enters the ion softener, and exchanges with the calcium and magnesium ions in the water through the cation resin, thereby removing the calcium and magnesium in the ion state of the water, reducing the hardness of the water, and then entering the security filter, which is equipped with Five 20-inch long, 5um PP filters can remove all impurities with a pore diameter of 5um or more. After the above process, it provides a guarantee for the normal use and extended life of the RO device. The pretreated water enters the first-stage RO system through the first-stage high-pressure pump, the concentrated waste water is discharged, and the purified water enters the intermediate storage tank. The second-stage high-pressure pump pumps the water in the intermediate storage tank into the second-stage RO system for purification again. The desalination rate of water is 99.9%, and the conductivity is 2us/cm. The purified water is sterilized by an ultraviolet sterilizer to kill the unisolated microorganisms, so that the microbiological indicators of the pure water meet the requirements, and then enter the finished water storage tank for standby. For the sake of safety, an additional ultraviolet sterilization is added at the back end of the finished water output. It is sterilized with a 0.22usdel microporous filter to ensure effective control after the water in the finished water tank is contaminated.

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