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How to solve the problems in water quality?

November 11, 2021

Latest company news about How to solve the problems in water quality?

Recently, we have received many private messages from customers about how to solve water quality problems?
No hurry, QIHANG reverse osmosis water treatment equipment supplier will solve this problem for you.

latest company news about How to solve the problems in water quality?  0
For example:
The overall water quality is neutral; the conductivity is high, the iron content is high, the calcium carbonate is high, the chlorine content is high, the nitrate ion content is high, and the ion content in the solid exceeds the standard.
How to solve it?
First of all, our water treatment requires three filter cartridges, sand bucket carbon bucket and softener. In the case of activated carbon, activated carbon can be used to neutralize the chloride ions in the water, and the chloride ions will combine with the substances in the activated carbon, which will naturally reduce the chloride ion content. Hard water softeners can usually replace iron with other minerals in the water. The iron ions in the water mainly exist in the form of divalent iron hydrate ions. When the alkalinity of the water is high, it exists in the form of carbonates. There are also complexes of divalent iron and trivalent iron. Analyze the existence form of iron ions. Generally, manganese sand or embroidered sand is used to remove iron. The main process is raw water-aeration-filtration.
Because there are too many free ions in the solid, a microporous precision filter is needed to achieve the purpose of removing free ions.

The conductivity of water quality is mainly affected by the following two factors:
1. Affected by the concentration of metal ions and corresponding anions in the water, the higher the salt content, the higher the conductivity.
2. Temperature: The higher the temperature under the same conditions, the higher the conductivity. But the first is the main influencing factor.
Using a reverse osmosis pure water machine for advanced treatment to remove heavy metal ions in the water, etc., can achieve the purpose of reducing the conductivity of the water.
If lower conductivity is required, EDI can be used for ultrapure water treatment.



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