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How to make Chinese herbal ointment?

August 5, 2022

Latest company news about How to make Chinese herbal ointment?


How to make Chinese herbal ointment?

Ointments can be divided into six categories:

1. Conditioning ointment: use animal oil or vegetable oil (mineral oil such as Vaseline can also be used in modern times) to reconcile the medicine without making it into a paste.

2. Boiling paste: using water or wine as a solvent, heating and dissolving the soluble components in the crude drug, filtering and removing the residue, then heating and concentrating, or directly heating and concentrating the crude drug juice.

3. Oil wax ointment: use vegetable oil or animal oil to decoct the medicinal material to dissolve its soluble components, filter it, and add beeswax or insect white wax to dissolve it into an ointment.

4. Daojiao paste: made by pounding and grinding crude drugs rich in oil.

5. Vinegar paste: prepared by boiling paste with vinegar as solvent.

6. Honey ointment: an ointment prepared with honey and medicine.

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