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How to distinguish between emulsifying pot and dispersion mixing pot?

May 11, 2021

Latest company news about How to distinguish between emulsifying pot and dispersion mixing pot?


How to distinguish between emulsifying pot and dispersion mixing pot?


The use of a vacuum homogenizing emulsifying pot for cosmetics equipment is similar to that of a dispersing mixer. It is used for mixing raw materials, effectively fusing and dispersing raw materials, and vacuuming to remove air bubbles in the raw materials; temperature adjustment (temperature adjustment measures) You can also use water and oil as the medium to implement electric heating and steam heating) and cooling. In addition, is there any difference between a vacuum homogenizing emulsifying pot and a mixer for cosmetic equipment?

Considering that the vacuum homogenizing emulsifying pot uses a mechanical seal as the sealing system, the stirring force will not be very large. Usually equipped with a smaller motor, the speed is relatively fast. Therefore, it is generally suitable for mixing liquid-liquid, solid-liquid and other raw materials. The viscosity of its raw materials is generally not higher than 100,000 cps. There is a homogenizing head in the kettle of the emulsifier, which shears the raw materials at a high speed to effectively refine the raw materials. After vacuuming and defoaming, the raw materials produced by it are both delicate and smooth. And the raw material particles of the final product will achieve nano-level, if it is applied to the body skin, it will be quickly absorbed by the skin. Therefore, the vacuum homogenizing emulsifying pot is relatively suitable for the manufacture of dilute raw materials such as cosmetics, creams, and pharmaceutical creams.


The mixer is one of the main devices for strong mixing. Its mixing system is composed of a frame structure, combined with a high-power mixing motor, its mixing energy is extremely powerful. The mixer is generally used for the mixing of solid-liquid, solid-solid, and liquid-liquid raw materials! The viscosity of the raw materials it will stir is usually between 100,000cps~1,800,000cps. The slow stirring with frame stirring and the high-speed operation of the dispersing disc that can achieve 1400 rpm per minute will effectively fuse the raw materials and effectively disperse the clustered raw materials to achieve the process requirements of the raw materials. Considering its powerful energy, mixers are generally suitable for mixing and fusion of glues. The main products are: silicone rubber, sealant, glass glue, resin, ink, electronic paste and so on.

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